Create a personalised page and kick-start your event by adding a cover photo and giving your guests all the info they need. it's simple and secure!



Be it on the way there, during the event, or with a coffee the following morning, your guests can access your page and engage with each other.



Share your perspective of the event with those around you through photos, videos and comments.



Through yada's LiveView your event content is merged and can be displayed around the venue with ease, giving you the bigger picture.

Download the complete events app today


Free to download on Apple and Android devices now!

The Benefits

Free for Smaller Events

Use yada at no cost for small events

Get the Bigger Picture

Let guests share their perspectives in real time on screens around the venue.


Keep your content away from prying eyes as you can make your yada event secure and safe.

Easy to Join

Scan a QR code from a ticket or poster and instantly engage with your event.

Find Events

Find events that match your interests with category tags.

Coming Soon: Tickets

Buy or sell tickets for your events with yada, making organisation simple.

In The Press

Free to download now

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