Engaging Students, Empowering

Teachers & Assisting Universities

YADA Campus is a seamless end-to-end self-service platform which guides the student, empowers the teaching academic and assists the university administrative teams throughout their time at university.

We see YADA Campus as a virtual companion on your university journey from pre-enrolment to graduation and beyond. It will become an invaluable tool for universities, academics and students alike

The Student Story

As an international student just enrolling at the university, Yu Huang, was both excited and anxious. She downloaded the YADA Campus app by scanning the QR code provided as part of her enrolment pack prior to travelling from China and completed her account profile, answering questions such as ‘looking for accommodation?’, ‘looking for a social life?’, ‘want to know more about the local area?’, straight away she began to be presented with ‘connections’ as well as relevant, concise information about the enrolment process and timetable .... suddenly she didn’t feel so alone.

Yu Huang continued to use the app throughout her university career and beyond, to create her own events, invite friends and collaborate with them, collating pictures and other media from participants and onward posting those she liked to other social media she used.

The Academic Story


As a professor in Economics, Tom knew that the first few weeks for a new student were daunting and it was important to connect with each new student and try to ensure early engagement. Using YADA Campus, he was able to know who attended lectures as each student was requested to ‘check in’ by scanning the QR code on the door and using the same platform he was able to poll the class during the lecture for answers to specific questions.

The end of day reporting was particularly useful in targeting those students that neglected to attend, or didn’t contribute to the class...simple reminders through targeted messages proved to be a useful non-intrusive tool to improve class attendance and ultimately helped retain students in the long term

The Administration Story

Sue, the head of Student Administration, knows that the enrolment process is intimidating for new students, especially international students travelling independently for the first time. She also knows that of the two thousand or so international students expected in the new term, around 5% will either not turn up or arrive later than expected and that could result in a substantial loss of income for the university – not only this year, but for the next four years.

Creating the event was easy, with the opportunity to ‘skin’ the mobile presentation with the university branding. She entered a timetable with automatic reminders and push information then amended the standard profile presented to students to include enrolment-specific questions used to match students with their peers automatically. It was easy to invite all new international students via email.

Through our work in education we believe that technology can deliver a positive experience, for students, academics and universities, giving them the confidence to engage fully in their new environment and support to achieve greater success.

Take a look at the app demo...

Take a look at the dashboard demo...

If you would like to know more about YADA Campus, or would like a more detailed demonstration of the platform, contact us directly here
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